Welcome to Film and Fizz


The thing about movies is they hold a sense of nostalgia. They remind you of the people you once watched them with. Some of my strongest friendships have been founded on a love of a particular movie.  The Burbs’ is a classic in the eyes of one of my best friends and I.  Dumb & Dumberwell my older brother and I would quote lines from this movie for days.  Mrs Doubtfire gave me a new perspective on my parents divorce. So a classic movie is relative.  It doesn’t mean it has to
be 5 hours long, in black and white with subtitles and for all the cast and crew to now be deceased. Your favourite movie is your favourite because you deem it to be.

I will blog about all the latest movies, TV programmes, soundtracks, trailers and I’ll even throw in some movie trivia. Hope you enjoy the blog of a complete movie nerd. As John Hughes once said ” A nerd will be a nerd all his life”.